Have had so many requests for this awesome interview video of James and Katie with Donnie & Marie.

So i’ve decided to post it here for all the J/K fans to have a look.. The quality isn’t that good and needs realplayer..

Check the links below

waiting for somewhere to upload videos


From what I heard about my couple of the century. They did date for a month or two during season 2. It was toward the end of the season. I heard they would hold hands when they were off screen. I love Katie and James so much. It almost hurts me to see them not on television together. Again a couple of cuteness and chemistry. My favorite couple of all time.

About James and Katie in the picnic table, as far as I know by someone who was there while filming it, they had to walk away just to have a private moment. It was their last scene together EVER, and they kinda wanted to say goodbye. Sweet, if you ask me

Yeah i love the story as i remember Katie was the one grabbed   the director had to tell Katie to keep her hands off James’s a.. the dance was supposed to be only “friendly” nothing more.

Well, apparently, they were banned from being in the same trailer together (Jokingly ‘banned’) during season 2 because they’d always hold up filming. They would just be joking around, but sometimes PA’s (a few PA’s have spread this story) would knock and enter and then go right back out again! The cast also all had alter ego names on the doors of their trailer, and J/K had “Greg and Marsha Brady” Katie toilet papered his trailer during the filming of ‘a perfect wedding.’ (I’m just pulling stories from everywhere now!) They were seen frolicking and kissing together on Wrightsville beach as well, near James’ house.

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